How to be a good Auntie

(no, not that I think Avery or Delaney love us based on the amount of stuff we buy them.)

Jenn has been asking Avery what she wants for Christmas, other than the elusive ZhuZhu pet.  When Jenn asks the answer is “Everything, duh!”  And yes, we like to go quite overboard with gifts for the girls.  In the past few years we have abided by the rule that our friends don’t get gifts from us, once they have children.  This was difficult to work out as we are quite close to three generations of the CLAD crew…do we buy Lyz and Chris gifts since they are Joni’s children??  In the long run, all three generations will get gifts, they are more family than friends anywho.

Back to being a good set of Aunties.  We do tend to go a bit overboard at times.  It is just so much fun to buy them things and see their faces light up at the gifts!!  I had read an article this afternoon on how not to go overboard and shared it with Jenn on my way home from work. (Worry not parental units, I used my earbud.)

Heidi: So…I read an article on how not to go overboard on kids for Christmas.
Jenn: Yah…
Heidi: You buy the child something they want, something they need, something to wear, and something to read.
Jenn: Something they want, something they need, something to wear, something to read??
Heidi: Yes.
Jenn: What if what they need is also something to wear?
Heidi: Then you buy the two sets of something to wear and one falls under the need category.
Jenn: But, we still get to go overboard on the girls right?
Heidi: Of Course!!! I just thought it was an interesting way to look at things 🙂

Moral of the story is, to be a good Auntie…throw the “rules” out the window. Feed them three sweettarts instead of just one, give them a piece of chocolate before they head to bed. It is the right of an Auntie, and Jenn and I…we take our rights seriously.

(And yes Lyz, I know, we don’t need to buy your girls anything for Christmas…you can argue your point all you want, we are still going to win.)

2 thoughts on “How to be a good Auntie

  1. as being a Auntie 4 ever and a mommy… almost… then never. I could not agree with you more… with my niece she knows that her Auntie is wrapped around her little tiny finger… awww look at that finger… that cute little gold ring would look sooo cute on it… dang it… i say skip the rules too!

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