A different kind of two week wait

Jenn spent some time yesterday over at the farm helping Chris getting things set-up for the Christmas tree farm! It opens in two weeks. If I thought that all Chris could think or talk about two months ago was the tree stand…he has put his past records to shame. It is way too cute.

The focused on getting the racks up:

and hanging the lights:

I’m very excited for the tree stand to open. While I am the person who will be there the least, as I will be working, I am still excited to be there and help out! If you are in our area, or feeling like a drive, please come and buy your trees from us!! Think how special you will be…buying a tree from the famous CLAD!! Delaney can even show you her new moves…she’s walking now you know.


2 thoughts on “A different kind of two week wait

  1. OMG– The spiderman on the silo thing freaked me out! If we lived your way (and we weren;t Jewish) we would SO buy our tree from CLAD… tree farm sounds FUN!

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