Questions Answered part 3 (final part??)

Meredith asked: When you were growing up, what was the one thing that you always told yourself you would never do when one day you were a parent?

I actually recently learned that you should NEVER say that you aren’t going to do something when you are a parent. Because once you actually become one, all the rules change. I will say that I have promised myself that when I do have children, I will do my best to stop at the silly roadside attractions that my kids want to stop at. I used to drive my parents insane on trips to northern Michigan wanting to stop in Shell City. My mom just recently drove that trip and left me a voicemail saying she was driving past it and thinking of me!!

btmommy asked: When you were a kid (well maybe a teenager), did you have posters of celebrities on your bedroom wall? And if you did, who were they? What movie star/TV star/singer/musician did you REALLY LOVE when crushes on celebrities were a very real thing?

Hmmmm…I can’t really say I was a huge TigerBeat reader or anything. I did have a serious crush on Christan Slater, Dugan Fife (A University of Michigan Basketball Player), and Jeremy London. My walls were more filled with magazine clippings of great phrases I wanted to remember, posters of The Phantom of the Opera, and a keychain chain!! I wish I could find the two homemade posters I had with clippings and pictures and whatnots. I’m gonna have to dig through my hopechest and see if they are still in there to share!!

I love asking questions, and reading them too! I have been reading you for a while (and love your writing, your stories etc…), and have wanted to fill in some of the blanks, things I may have missed over time… My questions:
1) What’s your (as in you and jen) meeting story? When? Where? How?
2) Are you related to any members of CLAD? How?
3)What is your favorite book of all times? (or say, one of your favorites)
4)What did you want to be when you grew up (as a kid)? Is that what you are doing now?

1-Jenn and I met in September of 1995. I was standing in my college apartment throwing a fit because my roommates were all serious goody-goodies. Now, prior to meeting them I thought I was one heck of a goody-goody. But no…these girls put me to shame. They bored me. While I was throwing this hissy Jenn walked by our apartment window. I pointed up and said “I want to be friends with her. You all are NO fun.” Of course, being as shy as I am I did nothing about that. A few days later Jenn stopped by the apartment to see if any of us wanted to sign up to play powderpuff football. I took my chance and signed up. The next day Jenn stopped by to see if I wanted to go up to the school and pick up the equipment with her before practice. Sure thing!! Get me the heck out of this room with these crazies that think PG movies are bad. A week or two later after several long talks about our lives before college and problems she was having with a friend of hers, she stopped by the apartment to see if I wanted to go to a movie in Boise. See, the movie theater in Rexburg they had been playing While You Were Sleeping for a month straight. I jumped at the opportunity! I ran to my room to get my coat…and Jenn asked my roommate what my name was. Friends for weeks and she didn’t even know my name. From that point on Jenn and I were pretty inseparable. It was a long time before it turned into more than a friendship, but we both knew that life would never be the same without the other.

2-There is no blood relation between any member of CLAD, or CLAD’s family to either Jenn or I. Jenn met Lyz and Chris when they were all working at the Sports Authority back in 1998?? I think?

3-My favorite book of all time is…um…seriously?? I have to choose one? Okay, we will go with Stephen King’s The Stand.

4-When I was growing up I wanted to be a mommy. If I was going to be forced to work outside of the home I wanted to be a German teacher. I am currently the Group Sales Manager for a hotel in Lancaster, PA. No, it isn’t what I said I wanted to be, but I love it even more than I think I would have loved being a German teacher. Not as much as I would love to be a mommy! I first started working in hotels in 1997 when I moved to Pennsylvania. It was love at first work. I haven’t left the industry since. If I was to ever leave The Hotel, it would be to be a travel agent. But Rodney has me contracted in for a million years, or until death do us part. And has promised me a trip to Austria for my 20th anniversary (in 2018) so I have no plans on ever leaving!

If anyone still has any questions, feel free to ask away! You can email them and tell me you want to be anonymous too if you so please.



4 thoughts on “Questions Answered part 3 (final part??)

  1. I loved reading all your answers! Its such a great way to know the people whose blogs you are reading, this whole question/answer thing. Like you, I didn’t end up doing what I thought I would, but ended up doing something I love (but never even really thought about!) Life is funny that way… I was also thrilled to read that you were thinking about adoption. I want to mirror what the other reader said, and say that I think you guys will be the most amazing parents. You sound like such fun people and have so much love for life, and each other. Whatever child comes into your life is sure to be the luckiest one around…

  2. I always said I would never say because I said so…….my mom always said that and I hated it……we damn if I didn’t use that on my kids a couple of times…

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