Mingo Monday

Betcha thought I forgot right?? I didn’t. It is just really REALLY hard to decide how to split up your flamingo collection. I have to take some to my office. It was very weird to decide which ones could leave the flock. Now yes, it isn’t like I am giving them away, they are going to the other place I live, ya know, The Hotel.

But it felt very weird. Yes, I will spend more time in my office than I will in the flamingo room, but it feels like banishing them off somewhere. I spent forever in my room picking them up, putting them down. Trying to decide which ones were office appropriate.

So…here is what I choose.

We’ve got a flamingo french bulletin board, a flamingo frame (with a picture of Jenn and Minne), a flamingo windchime, a flamingo snowglobe, a flexible flamingo (to put on my computer screen), and a sitting flamingo that will go on top of one of my filing cabinets.

I still have a few more flamingo frames that need to be filled with my family, and with CLAD+J. Once my office is totally situated I will take pictures and brag about it all here!!!!


Whatcha gotta say bout that?

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