Open Book

When I decided to try NaBloPoMo again, I thought this would be a fun month of posting about the two week wait, and hopefully a pregnancy. I even had the title of my pregnancy announcement post all ready, see how much hope I had??

Now there will be none of that.    IF we do try another cycle, it won’t be until after Florida in February. I don’t want to spend the holidays in tww hell, or Florida depressed because we are, yet again, not pregnant.

So…I need to enlist your help. I’ve seen lots and lots of bloggers opening themselves up to questions. So ask away!! You can ask Jenn anything you want too… I will make her answer. All questions will be answered. If I think one is a little private, I will password protect the post (just email me for the password). But they will all be answered truthfully and fully. I am very much an open book.

Whatcha got for me?



5 thoughts on “Open Book

  1. Heidi,

    I feel like this is a really intrusive question, but I was wondering if you (or you and Jenn) have ever gone to counseling for your infertiltiy issues and if you have found it helpful at all. We’re coming up on 4 years of ttc and I am really thinking I need some help. I am just realizing how this has permeated every single aspect of my life and I have become so unhappy and bitter.

    Sorry for the betatt. I always think of you as being so positive and having such a great attitude and I want to be like that too.

    (this is rebecce from the nob, btw. Hee!)

  2. I was thinking about your last posts and wondering how much you have researched adoption. It is something you are going to aggressively pursue? How soon? I don’t mean to come across as intrusive, but I think you guys would be such great parents. I can’t wait to hear the news.

    Question 2 – your Feb trip to Florida is for Daytona, right? NASCAR? I think I remember you saying that once. If so, who is your favorite driver and why? Do you and Jenn have the same favorites?

  3. When you were a kid (well maybe a teenager), did you have posters of celebrities on your bedroom wall? And if you did, who were they? What movie star/TV star/singer/musician did you REALLY LOVE when crushes on celebrities were a very real thing?

  4. When you were growing up, what was the one thing that you always told yourself you would never do when one day you were a parent?

  5. I love asking questions, and reading them too! I have been reading you for a while (and love your writing, your stories etc…), and have wanted to fill in some of the blanks, things I may have missed over time… My questions:
    1) What’s your (as in you and jen) meeting story? When? Where? How?
    2) Are you related to any members of CLAD? How?
    3)What is your favorite book of all times? (or say, one of your favorites)
    4)What did you want tobe when you grew up (as a kid)? Is that what you are doing now?

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