and even more ways to pass the tww

1-Take your loved ones to Shady Maple and eat and drink a lot of food and drinks.

2-Wonder aloud why the servers never clear the glasses, only the plates.

3-Look at all of the glasses with just a sip left in them.

4-Pour all of the last sips into one glass.

5-Dare Jenn to drink it.

(If memory serves there is: sasparilla, chocolate milk, white milk, fruit punch, blue slushie, red slushie and diet coke in the cup)

In case you were wondering, yes, this goes against all of my food rules.


3 thoughts on “and even more ways to pass the tww

  1. (FWIW, I think it’s b/c food laws allow you to re-use glasses, but they’re not allowed to let you re-use the plates. Now that wasn’t a fun answer, was it?)

  2. you sneak! when did you get sperminated?! i dont remember any ttc updates since cd1! without pics of jenn with her headlamp on, how are we supposed to send fertile thoughts your way?

    really gross mixture drink, btw. jenn is a rockstar for even attempting to drink that! ugghh…

  3. Hey, I didn’t know you were cycling this month! (not the you were obligated to announce it or anything…) How exciting! Did you pull the ‘ole headlight out for the event? Hope this try does the trick…

    My own Jen (my DP’s name too) is a total sucker for a good dare. She once (when she was 6) drank a tupperware full of a dead crayfish water(it was caught a day or 2 earlier and kept in a tupperware). Just THINKING about it has me gagging here in my seat. Needless to say, her stomach was pumped and its left many to wonder aboiut her sanity, although not her drive!WTG for your jen who drank an equally nasty (although decidedly less toxic) brew…

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