It is November again!!

I will be participating again in NaBloPoMo. I have noticed the last few weeks that my posting is getting a little sparce. BooHiss. Not that I have been posting about what this blog is supposed to be about. Ya know, TTCing!! Someday, maybe someday. Or maybe last week??

Lyz and I joke about how the blog is her way of communicating with people too. If someone says “Oh that sounds like fun, I want to see pictures!” Lyz refers them to the blog.

Thank you to everyone who commented on how they want to hang out with us because we are so much fun 🙂 We do have a lot of fun! In fact we have been planning a few more excursions that you are more than welcome to join us on if you do live in the area 🙂 CLAD loves blog readers too 🙂

So be prepared for a full month of non-stop posting. I mean this is a really big month afterall…we’ve got the tree stand opening…that one holiday that is known in our house as “that day after Wednesday in November”…maybe a trip to the Crayola Factory…and of course life. I mean really, although there is plenty of drama going on in these here parts, we are full of life. And life, it is soooo totally worth it.


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