Avery’s Birthday Party

I swear we just celebrated her third birthday…how can it already be her fourth?

This party was for all of her little kid friends.

We went to a local fitness center that has an awesome set-up for kids too. We spent 45 minutes in a bouncy thing, and then 45 minutes in a climbing maze. Followed by pizza and cake!

Here I am trying to help the little kids get up the “ladder” to the top so that they can go down the slide.

Here I am losing my footing and falling instead of helping the little kids get up the “ladder” so that they can go down the slide.

After that fall I realized that I should just hang out on the little end and help Delaney bounce instead:

Delaney did get to go down the slide once with Daddy…but she wasn’t too impressed. We were much more impressed with Daddy and Avery going down the slide…

In the climbing maze Jenn, Lyz and Delaney had a blast in the ball pit. I never did find Avery to get a picture of her in there!

After the party we headed to Avery’s soccer practice.

And then to CLAD’s to watch Avery open her gifts!!

Now, I understand that I am an adult. I understand that in my kitchen is a real normal size oven that I love to use to bake. I understand that Easy Bake ovens make crappy food. But I am totally jealous that Avery got an Easy Bake oven for her birthday. Do you know how many years I spent begging Santa Claus for this very gift?? Let it be known that part of my gift for Avery (on her actual birthday) will be things that I can *help* her make in the Easy Bake oven.


3 thoughts on “Avery’s Birthday Party

  1. My mother also wants an easy bake oven. She’s bitter that she never got one as a child, despite repeated begging. XD

    Man, that looks like a fun birthday party.

  2. Heidi, I never did get that Easy Bake Oven I always wanted either. I am totally jealous of Avery. Wishing we could have been at the party. Looks like you all had a great time!!

  3. Wow, that is some awesome castle cake!

    I never had the easy bake oven, either, but honestly I don’t really remember wanting it very much. But, I do remember wanting this machine that made gummy worms over a light bulb in a similar fashion!

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