WoooHooo Cycle Day One

It only took 73 days to get here.

In other fun news…
Wednesday night we went on a hayride at Funk’s farm with 22 of our closest friends (I totally just wrote closet friends hehehe). It was a total blast!! When we arrived I was absolutley freezing! But with friends and family around, your heart always warms up fast!

Who went? Joni, Lyz, Chris, Avery, Delaney, Roxanne (Chris’s stepmom), Ambre (Chris’s stepsister), Jason (Ambre’s husband), Phoenix (Jason and Ambre’s son), Vanessa (Lyz’s sister), Tom (Vanessa’s husband), Chloe, Sophia and Bobby (Tom and Vanessa’s kids), Dawn, Duck, Dezi and Dylan (friends of ours), Chele, Sean, Shannon and Mac (Shannon was on the softball team that Jenn coached).

A few pics:

Remember me mentioning how much I HATE cornfields?? I wouldn’t go anywhere near them. Chris ran through the corn while everyone was goofing around and scared the CRAP out of everyone! So glad I wasn’t near the corn, I would have needed a fresh pair of pants!

Also this week Chris, Lyz, Jenn and I went to Hollywood Casino for a night out. We had a ton of fun. Lyz won a horse bet…a whole whopping $.10.

We were all so proud of her!!
Jenn and I had wandered over to a Goldfish slot machine for $.02. I had hit a bunch of buttons having absolutely no idea what I was doing and turned the $20.00 bill I had put in, into:

Don’t be too proud, when I officially cashed out at the end of the night I had worn that down to $47.17!
Thank you Baam for babysitting the girls while the four of us went out!!


4 thoughts on “WoooHooo Cycle Day One

  1. Still, even if you widdled it down some, that’s awesome!


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