Halloween is my 2nd favorite holiday (Jenn’s 1st favorite)

A couple of weeks ago we went to Field of Screams. It is a local haunted attraction that has been voted one of the best in the country. We went with our neighbors Jen and Mike. We had a pants peeing blast!!

(Pardon the crappy picture of a picture)

Sunday we went with CLAD again to Field of Screams…but the non-scary version called Little Screamers!!

There was so much to do! At first we were worried that there would only be a short hayride through the corn fields. But we were quickly shown that there is tons and tons to do! There was pumpkin picking:

A cornbox (ya know instead of a sandbox)

This cracked me up. Delaney would start to put a piece of corn into her mouth and Jenn would take it away. Delaney would pout, look down and see more corn, pick one up and start to put it in her mouth. Jenn would take it away and Delaney would pout. Then Delaney would look down and see more corn! This cycle happened over and over again.

I’m including this picture because it is a very good one of Jenn…but please forgive the awful look on my face…

Chris, the pack mule:

Avery’s favorite part was this awesome train made out of old metal barrels…I think she rode it 5 times:

Delaney’s favorite part was the soft pretzel…she couldn’t decide which one to eat first:

Now, I am not a big fan of the scary movie. I tend to dwell on the scariness. My senior year of high school my best friend Jennifer and I stayed up all night watching the entire series of “Children of the Corn” movies. The next night Jennifer stayed up all night with me because I was scared to death. Those movies had me so freaked out! A week later we had gone on a trip with our church youth group and had stopped for a picnic lunch. Next to a corn field. Jennifer thought it would be funny to stand a few yards in and scream for help. So. NOT. Funny.

Little Screamers had a short corn maze. Even in broad daylight, with marked paths, I was freaking out. I panicked if I couldn’t see all five other people. Avery thought it was a blast.

More fun fall activities on the way this week…another hayride at Funks, this one to a campfire where we will roast hot dogs and marshmallows and then another haunted attraction trip to Bates Motel! Fall and Halloween rock!!


2 thoughts on “Halloween is my 2nd favorite holiday (Jenn’s 1st favorite)

  1. What a cool place! I love Halloween, but Hubby usually reigns me in before I go too crazy. Of course the neighborhood kids take full advantage of my popcorn balls.

    I am with you – Children of the Corn is still too fresh in my mind to stay sane in a cornfield maze. It would never happen!!

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