You are all soooo jealous!

Wanna know what we did today?? We went shopping and to dinner with N&J and Figment!!!!! I did not bring my camera because I have noticed that there are no pictures of them on their blog, so I didn’t want them to feel forced to be plastered across mine!! Now I do plan on harassing them with my camera phone tomorrow just for my own personal journaling purposes!

They are sooooooooo nice! As I have mentioned before, I am really not good at meeting new people, but I think I have figured out the trick. If you want to meet me, you have to meet me first while I am at work. That is my turf 🙂 All three of the internet axe murderers friends I have met this year I have met while I was standing behind the front desk at The Hotel. And I have been way less anxious than I thought I would be.

N&J rock. We had great conversation, yummy food (although we didn’t get to go to Shady Maple because the line was absolutely outrageous!) They promise to come back and visit again soon because they want to meet our other half…CLAD!!

Thank you for dinner ladies! Thank you for coming to visit!! You are even better and sweeter and more fun in real life!


2 thoughts on “You are all soooo jealous!

  1. No but you are awesome!

    We only don’t do pics on the blog b/c we don’t use our full names. 🙂 FB etc is fine. Heee.

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