Busy Sunday and Monday

Sunday we headed out to see Avery’s soccer practice. She is just too cute.

Afterwards we headed out to dinner and then had Rita’s for dessert since Sunday was their last day.

Monday was a full and busy day for me! It is the Jewish holiday of Sukkot. We are at capacity at the hotel with everyone coming to Lancaster for the holiday! Jenn came and picked me up at work to take me to my laser hair consultation. I was so nervous. So freaked out. I didn’t want it to hurt. I was worried that the tech was going to totally judge me for being a hairy freak! She was absolutely pleasant and nice and sweet! She has no hair anywhere where you don’t want hair. So amazing. She even gave herself her own brazilian!! Ouch!
Here I am:

I was on cloud 9 after the appointment. It is so exciting! Jenn said she saw my real Heidi smile for the first time since Blue left. I feel it. I feel better about myself already. I will never be able to thank everyone enough for the worlds most wonderful birthday gift!

Then we met CLAD+J to head to the Manheim Farm Show. I love fall. I was walking around in happy crunchy leaves and smelling the cool crisp air laced with the scent of fair food…..mmmmm. Talk about a happy place!

Too much fun was had:

Avery pointed to these corns and said “Look Heidi, Blueberry corn, like your Blue footprint!!” Awww!!

Our pumpkins didn’t make it to the fair, next year we will have to plant them a little later!!


One thought on “Busy Sunday and Monday

  1. That’s awesome that you got started on the procedure and that is already making you feel so much happier and so much better about yourself!

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