Mingo Monday

Avery loves me. She picked me out a very special birthday present while she was at Disney…

Avery named him Halappy. She also got a Unicorn and we played puppet theater with them for quite a while.

Yesterday after Halappy’s photo shoot, I went into my craft room (aka the flamingo paradise) to hang Halappy up. Lo and behold…there is another flamingo marionette!!! So….I of course opened up my own puppet theater. I apologize in advance for my horrible singing voice.

(Dude…Jenn said crotch! She got a $50.00 fine.)
I make myself laugh. Did you know that? I am a horribly silly person. Sometimes no one else laughs at what I am doing to make myself laugh, but they laugh at the fact that I am laughing at myself!!


One thought on “Mingo Monday

  1. I absolutely love this post!!! You are so cute with your puppet show!! Love you!!!


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