Gone with the Wind

I can remember from a very young age watching Gone with the Wind with my mother.  Everytime TNT would air it we would settle in for the long haul to watch my favorite movie of all time.  I remember watching the making of it and being so excited to be “invited” behind the scenes.

I cn remember the internal battle I had of if I wanted to grow up to be Scarlett or Melanie.  Melanie was so sweet and kind and caring and loving and forgiving!!  But Scarlett was so beautiful and strong and carved her own path in life!!  I think I ended up with a nice mix of both.  But I would sure rather have Scarlett’s 17 inch waist than Mammy’s.

I have even decorated my bedroom with some Gone with the Wind memorabilia.  I think I’ve done it tastefully, but I tend to go overboard and tacky with things so I may have gone overboard with this too!!

But, did you know I have NEVER read the book.  I have several copies of it.  The paperback I have looks like it has been read a million times.  I have tried.  But I just can never make it through the whole book without giving up.  It is almost nothing like the movie!!  Scarlett isn’t even described as pretty in the book!!  Gasp!

I’ve read Scarlett and Rhett Butler’s People and I love both dearly.  The movie Scarlett left much to be desired.

When we left for the cabin with CLAD I had just finished the books I have of the Southern Vampire Series and needed something to read.  There on the shelf lay my paperback.  I am determined to read the whole thing.

It is 1024 pages long.  With the teeny-tinest writing ever.  I am currently on page 764.  This is the farthest I have ever gotten into the book.  I will finish it.  For someone who loves Mrs. Scarlett O’Hara Hamilton Kennedy Butler so much, it is a shame to never have read her whole story.


4 thoughts on “Gone with the Wind

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  2. You know, I have never seen the movie? (hope you will still let me comment on your blog after this confession). But I do commend you on your ambition to tackle such a large book. Something with pages numbering in the thousands, definately is praiseworthy!

    I need your help though… I have only just finished the twilight series and was looking for a new vampire series to get addicted too. It sounds like you an eexpert of sorts. Which series do you recommend?

  3. It is sooooo hard to get started on a book like that when it is so long and the print is so tiny. I’m proud of you for getting as far as you have!

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